"I have only the highest praise for this admirable instrument. What impressed me about Mr. Foster's cello was its evenness and fine quality, great comfort and ease in playability, wonderfully complex and rich timbre, and its abundant 'sizzle' (an attribute all-too-rare in modern celli), but what lingers most in my memory is this cello's charismatic personality - to me, the most important feature that would serve to inspire the best cellists to raise their game. Bravo, Dan!"
-Robert deMain: Principle Cellist, Detroit Symphony

"My colleagues and I find Daniel's instruments excellent, and it is a pleasure to play them."
-Alan Weinstein: Cellist, Kandinsky Trio

"My Foster Viola is a fine instrument. It plays easily and has a rich, smooth tone. I would recommend Foster's Violas to anyone looking for an excellent modern instrument."
-Sharon Polifrone: Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra

"I purchased my Daniel Foster Feuerman Strad model cello three years ago. I love its rich, clear sound as well as the amazing dynamic and tonal range possible. After concerts, people always approach me and comment on how much they enjoyed listening to my instrument. I have a colleague who recently purchased a Foster viola and a student who bought a Duport Strad model this fall. We all love our Foster instruments.
-Elizabeth Austin: Lecturer in Applied Cello at Clemson University, Frequent solo, chamber, and orchestral performer.

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